Parts Catalog

Parts catalog last updated: 2022-06-01

These catalog pages are not complete, and could use your help to expand.  We are looking for any missing Daihatsu part numbers as well as their known aftermarket replacements. If you have any updates, please open a topic in the WARFS Specific forum in order to be added to the catalog.  Once added, we will add you to the list of contributors found at the bottom of this page. Please be mindful, the accuracy of this parts list is of utmost importance!

The part numbers you find here are universal for the F300 models, and should be compatible with the F310 models as well.

While it is getting more difficult to find parts, you should be able to search for the part number using your favorite search engine. If searching using the Daihatsu Part Number we’ve found that some sites condense the number so instead of using the Daihatsu format of the number (example: 11701-87101-000) they will list it as 11701-8710, 1170187101000, or 1170187101.

Please note that there is also a list of suppliers that have been suggested by members here.

* Items marked in RED have questionable or missing part numbers which we are trying to locate or verify their accuracy.

* Note: The HDC & HDE Engines are nearly identical, the main difference being is that the HDC was Carbureted and the HDE Fuel Injected. The Daihatsu Applause and Charade also used versions of this engine.


Online Manufacturer Parts Catalogs

ITM Engine Components
Corteco (Gaskets, Seals)
Fram (Filters)
Japanparts (Large Selection)
Quinton Hazell (QH) (Large Selection)
TRW (Rotors, Calipers, Cables)
Lesjofors (Springs)
Glaser (Gaskets)
Federal Mogul (Bearings, Seals)

AC Delco
Bosal (Exhaust Systems)
CX (Wheel Bearings)
Gates (Hoses, Belts)
SKF (Bearings, Belts)
Motor Service (MS) (Gaskets, Bearings)
Malo (Bearings)
Victor Reinz (Gaskets)
ACL (Pistons, Rings, Gaskets, Bearings)

A big round of applause goes to all who helped create this list!  Contributors include:

Alaskan Ogre