Worldwide Association of Rockys, Ferozas, and Sportraks

Ruggers, Fourtraks and FreeClimbers too!


Welcome to WARFS, the Worldwide Association of Rockys, Ferozas, and Sportraks!  Also including Ruggers, Fourtraks, and Freeclimbers too!

This site is dedicated to sharing knowledge between owners of Daihatsu model F300/F310 vehicles.  We have also expanded to include the F75 model as well, however, we are still gathering information on the history, parts, and servicing of this vehicle model.

Back when Kevin Stoelb purchased his first Daihatsu Rocky (U.S. model), he found that information for maintaining and upkeep was quite limited, so he decided to create a site dedicated to the Rocky to share his knowledge with other owners in the United States.  While doing research on upgrading his Rocky, it was apparent that there was so much more available for it outside the U.S. market, and before long, his site started becoming a central location for an international audience. Thus in 1999, Kevin founded WARFS, creating a new site that expanded upon the original site to allow owners from all over the world to meet, collaborate and share their knowledge with each other.

Much like Daihatsu, WARFS has been around for awhile. Perhaps you are looking for technical advice, parts, a mechanic, or even an entire vehicle; well you have come to the right place.  Unfortunately, we recently lost much of the knowledge base that has been built over the past two decades.  We are now trying to rebuild the site, so we can help keep as many of these vehicles running as possible. If you would be interested in helping with the site rebuild, or providing new information for fellow enthusiasts, please become a member and join us in the forums.  If you have content that you would like to see added to site, please reach out through our contact form.